Systems Architecture Počítačové Kurzy

Systems Architecture Počítačové Kurzy

Lokální instruktorem vedené Systems Architecture školení České republice.



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Název školení
Doba trvání
Název školení
Doba trvání
7 hodin
This instructor-led, live training in České republice (online or onsite) is aimed at IT personnel who wish to learn how to correctly and properly install a structured cabling system in any building or structure. By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the concept and infrastructure elements of a structured cabling system.
  • Install and test a cabling system correctly.
  • Learn the industry standards, techniques, and equipment used for a structured cabling system.
14 hodin
Building complex enterprise applications is very challenging in an ever-changing environment. Changes in the integration between services or systems will trigger changes in the design of the system. This course covers how to design maintainable, fit to the size and purpose of your organisation service and systems architecture and practical infrastructure. This course covers common problems with building the landscape of distributed apps, starting from integration problem, infrastructure and modern approaches, to solving complexity issues. This course explains the pros and cons of each solution (e.g. traditional SOA vs Microservice architecture), available tools (mostly open-source) supporting the development and maintenance, etc.. Course Format It is mostly discussion (with limited presentations).
35 hodin
Course Objectives To provide an understanding of the essentials of embedded GNU/Linux, how the bits and pieces fit together. What components are needed to build an embedded GNU/Linux system, where to get them from and how to configure/build/install them? Where to get help from? What about those software licenses? Hands-on exercises provide you with the necessary practical experience to go ahead and develop your own embedded GNU/Linux systems after completing this training successfully. Description This five day training class uses hands-on exercises combined with instruction to illustrate the concepts of embedded GNU/Linux. It is designed to bring you quickly up to speed. The philosophy, concepts and commands necessary to make effective use of GNU/Linux are described through a combination of theory and on-the-job training. Don't reinvent the wheel, but learn from an experienced trainer and take home a working knowledge of GNU/Linux and the ability to use it effectively in your own embedded development project. Who should attend? Managers, project managers, software-, hardware-, development-, systems engineers, testers, administrators, technicians and other parties interested in the technology, who want to understand as quickly as possible how Embedded GNU/Linux works. You must use GNU/Linux or you have to luxury to decide whether it makes sense to use it or not. Maybe you already tried to use Embedded GNU/Linux, but are not quite sure that you did everything the right way. You currently use a different operating system and wand to figure out whether GNU/Linux might better and/or cheaper. Delivery Options All the training material is English, but the presentation of it can be in English or in German, as you wish, worldwide.
  • on-site - instructor driven
  • on-line - instructor driven
  • on-site/on-line combination - instructor driven
21 hodin
In this instructor-led, live training in České republice, participants will learn how to evaluate different technologies and approaches for the design of a services-based system architecture. The training begins with a discussion and comparison of monolithic systems and service architectures, then digs into the details of microservice architecture. Participants are given a chance to put their knowledge into practice as they step through the creation and deployment of a set of proof-of-concept microservices built with Spring Cloud, Spring Boot and Docker.
Finally, the relevant infrastructure building blocks are examined to help participants determine the most suitable tools and approaches to use for different organizational requirements.
By the end of this training, participants will have a solid understanding of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Microservice Architecture as well practical experience using Spring Cloud and related Spring technologies for rapidly developing their own cloud-scale, cloud-ready microservices.
14 hodin
Domain Driven Design (DDD) is an approach for handling complex behaviors when developing software.
7 hodin
Duration: 1 day Audience: Project managers, architects, system engineers, wishing to discover the ARCADIA method and the Capella tooling Teaching Method:
  • Theoretical presentation with examples
  • Capella tool demonstrations
28 hodin
This practical training will enable you to discover the ins and outs of the ARCADIA (Architecture Analysis and Design Integrated Approach) method and its associated modeling language. We will also focus on the benefits of a workbench adapted to the method, through a complete case study performed with the open source Capella tool. A language, an approach, a tool: these are the three pillars needed for the success of the Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Audience:  Project managers, architects, system engineers, wishing to master the ARCADIA method and to learn how to use efficiently the Capella tool Teaching Method:
  • Theoretical presentation with examples
  • Case Study realized with Capella
21 hodin
This practical training will show you how to use efficiently the SysML modeling language. You will discover in particular the block diagrams for structural modeling of complex systems. You will deepen the sequence diagram, the state diagram and activity diagram for dynamic modeling. You will also learn to use specific SysML diagrams, such as the requirements diagram and the parametric diagram, as well as the important concept of allocation. We will also focus on the need to define a modeling approach, adapted to the context of the company and the type of system to be studied. We will finally see what is the state of the art of SysML modeling tools. Audience: Project managers, architects, system engineers, having to model complex systems including both software and hardware Teaching Method:
  • Theoretical presentation with examples
  • Case Study on paper (demo of a SysML tool by the trainer)
21 hodin
This training will teach you how to use SysML, the modeling language for systems engineering. In particular, you will learn about block diagrams for structural modeling of complex systems. You will deepen the sequence diagram, state diagram and activity diagram for dynamic modeling. You will also learn how to use specific SysML diagrams such as the requirements diagram and the parametric diagram, as well as the concept of allocation. We will also emphasize the need to define a modeling approach, adapted to the business context and the type of system to be studied. The practice will be done using the Cameo Systems Modeler (MagicDraw) modeling tool from NoMagic. Teaching method
  • Theoretical presentation illustrated with examples
  • 50% practical work with Cameo Systems Modeler on a case study throughout the training
21 hodin
Popis modelu OCSMP Základní zkouška Zkoušky a dovednosti potřebné k vytvoření základního modulu systému SYSML systému. Zkouška pokrývá modelové koncepty a organizace, základní požadavky zachycující a řízení, struktura a chování, parametrické modely, alokační vztahy a použití stereotypů. Použití znalostí a dovedností pokrytých na této úrovni se příležitost s vhodným modelovým nástrojem SYSML, držitelem modelu BOS modelu OCSMP základní certifikace by měla být produktivní přispěvatel k modelování úkolů provedených systémem systémů systémů, který využívá modulsystémové inženýrské přístup pomocí SYSLM. Model OBSMP Model Builder Základní certifikace je předpokladem pro vyšší dvě úrovně programu a vyžaduje, aby byl uživatelský certifikací uživatele OCSMP jako jeho předpoklad.

Tato zkouška (stejně jako ostatní v sérii OCSMP) testují vaši schopnost aplikovat znalosti a dovednosti uvedené zde v kontextu modelu systému. Jak studujete, přejděte za každé jednotlivé diagram, abyste pochopili, jak aspekty, které mohou modely ovlivnit nebo ovlivnit aspekty systému představované v jiných typech schématu.
7 hodin
This Introduction to Enterprise Architect training course is designed for all persons who wish to use Sparx Systems’ UML modelling tool, Enterprise Architect, for their modelling activities yet are unfamiliar with the features, functions and use of Enterprise Architect.
14 hodin
This course is designed for business analysts, managers, team leads and process owners to provide them with the required competencies for creating use case diagrams and use case scenarios, which serve as a vehicle for eliciting, analyzing, documenting and communicating functional requirements. Delegates will practice creating use cases in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to graphically represent the interactions between use cases and actors.
21 hodin
In this instructor-led, live training in České republice (online or onsite), participants will learn how to use SysML as implemented in Enterprise Architect (EA) to carry out system requirements analysis and modeling.  By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Understand and apply SysML to Systems Engineering projects, using a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach.
  • Identify system requirements based on use case models.
  • Design and analyze system architecture.
21 hodin
Kurz je určen pro analytiky, návrháře, vývojáře, testéry a projektové manažery. Workshop představuje systémy analýzy problémů, návrhu a dokumentace pomocí UML a Enterprise Architect společnosti Sparx Systems. Během školení budou prezentovány pokročilé schopnosti programu (například MDA, profily, XMI) a osvědčené postupy, které mohou výrazně zjednodušit a urychlit modelování. Vzhledem k tomu, že trénink se zaměřuje na Enterprise Architect nástroj je nutné, aby účastníci již věděli, jak modelovat v UML. Pro ty, kteří se chtějí učit modelování, máme věnované školení pro UML. Metoda tréninku Čtení 10%, 90% workshopů
14 hodin
Tento výcvik vedený instruktorem, naživo (zde nebo na dálku) je zaměřen na architekty, technologické vedoucí, kteří pracují s distribuovanými systémy věnovanými vysokému provozu a vyžadují vysokou skalovatelnost a spolehlivost. Po ukončení tohoto tréninku budou účastníci schopni:
    Pochopte klíčové výhody, omezení a pravidla, která určují charakteristiky distribuovaných systémů, skalovatelných a vysoce spolehlivých systémů. Budou schopni lépe posoudit, co může být a co nelze dosáhnout s takovými systémy Budete znát typické architektonické vzory distribuovaných, skalovatelných a vysoce spolehlivých systémů Bude pochopit kapacity a správný model používání technologií, podporuje skalovatelnost a spolehlivost, systémy, jako jsou streamovací servisní autobusy (na základě Kafky), žádné skladování (na základě Redis) a distribuované zpracování.
Formát kurzu
    Interaktivní přednáška a diskuse. Příklady architektonických řešení. Reálné příklady založené na Kafce a Redis řešení.
Možnosti personalizace kurzu
    Chcete-li požádat o přizpůsobené školení pro tento kurz, kontaktujte nás, abyste uspořádali.

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