Random Forest Počítačové Kurzy

Random Forest Počítačové Kurzy

Lokální instruktorem vedené Random Forest školení České republice.



Random Forest Návrh Školení

Název školení
Doba trvání
Název školení
Doba trvání
14 hodin
This instructor-led, live training in České republice (online or onsite) is aimed at data scientists and software engineers who wish to use Random Forest to build machine learning algorithms for large datasets.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

- Set up the necessary development environment to start building machine learning models with Random forest.
- Understand the advantages of Random Forest and how to implement it to resolve classification and regression problems.
- Learn how to handle large datasets and interpret multiple decision trees in Random Forest.
- Evaluate and optimize machine learning model performance by tuning the hyperparameters.

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